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Sepidbal Solutions

Custom Windows

Enhance Your View with Artistic Windows

Transform your home with our custom carved and etched windows. Our skilled artisans create intricate designs that add privacy while allowing natural light to illuminate your space beautifully. Whether you prefer floral motifs, geometric patterns, or abstract art, we tailor each window to complement your home’s aesthetic.

Why Choose Our Custom Windows?

  • Privacy and Light: Gain privacy without sacrificing natural light.
  • Unique Designs: Each window is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
  • Energy Efficiency: Improve insulation with quality glass materials.

Custom Doors

Make a Grand Entrance

Create a lasting impression with our custom glass doors. Perfect for entryways, patios, and interior spaces, our doors combine functionality with artistic design. Choose from a variety of styles and patterns to match your décor and make a statement.

Benefits of Custom Glass Doors

  • Elegance: Add a touch of sophistication to any entryway.
  • Durability: High-quality glass ensures longevity and safety.
  • Customization: Designs tailored to your taste and home style.

Custom Mirrors

Reflect Your Style

Our custom-engraved mirrors add a unique touch to any room. From decorative wall mirrors to functional bathroom mirrors, our designs enhance both the aesthetics and utility of your space.

Features of Our Custom Mirrors

  • Personalized Designs: Each mirror is designed to your specifications.
  • High-Quality Finish: Clear, crisp engravings on top-quality glass.
  • Versatility: Suitable for any room in your home.